Electrical products are not something to be messed with: if you need to alter an appliance or installation you should always use a professional. There are a lot of dangers and risks associated with this type of work, and specialized tradies have both the tools and the experience to handle these risks with care.

At Jones Complete Services, you can trust the contractors we hire. This is because we only work with licensed professionals so that you can get the high-quality custom solutions you deserve. This blog will be about why you should always use professionals for your electrical services, from insurance purposes to safety aspects.

Professional Electricians will be Licensed

It’s illegal to carry out contracted work with an unlicensed electric professional. This means that any electrician you hire will have completed a four-year apprenticeship before completing any qualification. Plus, they will have undergone rigorous national and state-based safety practices, licensing and further certification before working as a contracted tradesperson. When you hire an electrician, you know that they are experts in their trade.

They Can Do A Variety of Jobs

There are several jobs and items to fix that only licensed and qualified tradespeople can carry out. These include:

  • Electrical repairs
  • Electrical wiring
  • Installation of safety switches
  • Powerpoint installation
  • Switchboard installation
  • Solar power installation
  • Lighting installation
  • Smart systems

Electricians are highly skilled individuals, which means they are able to provide legitimate services on a number of issues with products, installation, and repairs.

Your Licensed Electrician Will Be Able To Keep You, Your Home, and Themselves Safe

Any tradesperson understands that in order to do the job efficiently and safely, they need to keep up to date with every safety procedure listed by both the state and according to federal policies. Safety codes in Australia are constantly evolving as new standards and practices come into place: a professional person will make sure they continue to know and understand these changes so that they can operate to a safe standard, always.

A Professional Will Understand the Risks

No job is without risk and this is especially true for the electric trade. There are many dangers associated with electricity, such as potential fire hazards and even an electrocution risk. By hiring a professional, you eliminate many risks upon yourself and trust that this licensed and qualified individual will operate while adhering to the necessary measures and protocols.

An Electrician Will Come with Reviews

You can ensure that you’re working with someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and an expert by checking reviews. If you’re working with someone who isn’t an expert, you’re less likely to be able to obtain these reviews prior to them coming to your home and working on your electricity. This comes with an increased risk, particularly as you have them in your home, and working with dangerous and costly equipment. By checking reviews, you can ensure that customers are satisfied with their work and that they perform to a high standard, which is a great thing to do prior to hiring anyone.

It’s Cost-Effective

There is little worse than deciding to do a job yourself, doing it incorrectly, and losing both time and money trying to fix it. This would likely be the case if you were to try and do any electrical repair or installation by yourself. You’d waste money on materials, replacement materials, and labour-hire on top of that, which would likely be even more expensive due to the mistakes you have made.

They’ll Have Insurance

Any professional contractor will have insurance. This insurance is important for the both of you, as it will cover any potential mistakes or faults that occur while they’re on site. If your electrician suffers an injury, or your electrical equipment faces any damage, the insurance will cover the cost of the repairs and safety costs.

It always makes sense to hire a professional electrician when needing any kind of work in your home or business. From installation to repairs, a licensed tradesperson will have the necessary expertise to do the job properly. They can do it efficiently and safely, plus you can trust they will work well due to their reviews and past customers.

At Jones Complete Services, you can trust the contractors we hire. This is because we only work with licensed professionals so that you can get the high-quality custom solutions you deserve. Speak to one of our friendly team today to start your contracting work.