Our projects division understands the importance of meeting deadlines and budget is paramount to our customer’s bottom line. We have a specialised team of skilled professionals who are trained in using machinery efficiently and effectively to ensure your project is executed efficiently with safety as the major focus.

Our team can travel to remote areas in Australia to assist in major construction and shutdown works which can assist our customers with:

• Scalability and flexibility: Scale up or down your requirements based on project needs, without the need to invest in additional machinery or workforce.

• Reduce risk: We are responsible for ensuring compliance with safety regulations, managing equipment maintenance, and mitigating operational risks.

• Improved quality and efficiency: We have the necessary expertise, experience, and processes in place to optimise performance and deliver high-quality results.

Some of our capabilities include (but not limited to):

• New longwall installations and relocations
• Refurbing and installation of new continuous miners and bolters, feeder-breakers, drive head and transfer installations and conveyor systems in mining both surface and underground.
• Major washery shutdowns, breakdowns, and maintenance. Installation of new and refurbished overhead cranes.
• Silo installations and repairs
• Heavy plant and industrial equipment installations such as gluten dryers and milling machines.
• Production-based systems including steel making, open cut and underground hard rock mobile plant and fixed plant.

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Overhauls & Modifications

We offer a machine overhaul service to restore machines back to its optimal operating condition, as well as one off modifications.

Our capabilities involve:

• Inspection and Assessment including quotation.
• Disassembly, assess and reassembly in our workshop or onsite.
• Repair and replacement or refurbishment services which can include repainting, resealing, lubricating, or upgrading certain features to enhance its efficiency and appearance.
• Commissioning and calibration services including performance testing, functional checks, and calibration of various settings to meet the desired specifications and standards.
• Documentation of the overhaul process which serves as a reference for future maintenance and provides a history of the machine’s overhaul process.


Jones Complete Services are with you every step of the way when commissioning machine installations. We follow a series of tasks to ensure that the machines are installed correctly and functioning as intended, we assist our customers with:

• Pre-commissioning planning: We create a detailed plan to define project objectives, timelines, resources required, and safety considerations.
• Inspection and testing
• Installation and assembly
• Electrical installation and commissioning
• Calibration, laser aligning and function testing.
• Software configuration
• Safety checks and compliance inspections
• Performance testing and handover acceptance

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Breakdown Coverage

JCS see breakdown coverage as an opportunity to analyse the underlying causes of the breakdowns to reduce the likelihood of future breakdowns for our customers.

We use a time-tested approach consisting of:

• Initial assessment: understanding the nature and extent of the problem, and determining the potential impact on operations and safety.

• Reporting and communication: Effective communication channels are established to inform key stakeholders about the situation and coordinate the necessary actions.

• Safety measures: This may include isolating the equipment, securing the area, and implementing necessary safety precautions.

• Troubleshooting: Trained technicians investigate the cause of the breakdown. This may involve using specialised tools and equipment.

• Repair or replacement: This could involve repairing faulty parts, replacing damaged components, or conducting repairs on-site or in our workshop depending on the severity of the issue.

• Procurement and logistics: If replacement parts or equipment are needed, breakdown coverage may involve procuring the necessary items. This could involve contacting suppliers, placing orders, managing logistics, and ensuring timely delivery.

• Maintenance and testing: After the repairs or replacement, the equipment is tested to ensure it is functioning correctly.

• Documentation and reporting: Throughout the breakdown coverage process, proper documentation is maintained. These records help in analysing trends, identifying recurring issues, and improving maintenance practices.

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We’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs.

Get in touch today to learn more about what services we can offer.