Jones Complete Services supply qualified and experienced Electricians,
Mechanical Fitters, Boilermakers, Riggers and quality trade assistants throughout
the Illawarra, Sydney and greater NSW.

We partner and collaborate with professional contractors to create custom solutions. JCS are trained and committed in planning, quality control and setting targets andschedules on budget.

Our experience ranges from small workshop tasks to major construction projects, heavy industrial shutdown’s within Steel manufacturing, underground and surface mining, quarries, tunnelling and other infrastructure sites.

We have the experience to assist and oversee new equipment installations, machineoverhauls/refurbishments and modifications to overhead cranes including maintenance and breakdowns.

labour hire
labour hire
All our employees are trained in working at heights and confined spaces and are covered under the relevant insurances. Our mandatory quality improvement programs mean all employees are well trained in hazard identification and risk management ensuring all job sites are safe. The JCS team are driven, safety-conscious and continually strive for excellence evident with our perfect safety record.

We have the reputation as one of the fastest growing and leading labour hirecompanies and are dedicated to maintaining this reputation.

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The importance Of Industrial Maintenance

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