At Jones Complete Services, we understand first-hand how important an overhead crane or hoist is to your production. We recognise that down-time means lost productivity. Investing in regular maintenance and servicing can significantly reduce the risk of downtime or injury to your staff.

We have a dedicated team of trained professionals available 24/7 capable of:

  • Inspections
  • Service and Preventative Maintenance
  • Repairs & Overhaul
  • Third party inspection
  • 10 year & 25 year Continued Safe Use inspections
  • Assessment of Design Work Period (DWP)
  • Modernisation
  • Statutory Inspection
  • Shutdown Support
  • 24 Hour Breakdown Support

Our goal is to get your overhead crane up and running as quickly and safely as possible while complying with Australian Standards and regulations. Our team ensures that your overhead crane offers the highest level of reliability and productivity, working at optimum efficiency.

The team at Jones Complete Services have built a reputation as the Illawarra’s go to team for Overhead Crane maintenance, repairs and compliance.

Maintenance and Repairs

Regular thorough inspections of your Overhead Crane equipment can identify any areas of concern and schedule necessary repairs according to your production schedule or a period where it can be covered. This reduces the chance of the crane being out of action at a crucial time slowing or even stopping production.
maintenance repairs
These repairs can be identified early, quoted prior to any further work so our customers are aware of the cost upfront and can be while avoiding an unexpected breakdown that is almost impossible estimate the cost of. Capturing these problems at an early stage and repairing the faulty item will avoid unnecessary damage to otherwise good equipment and thus further reduce maintenance costs.

A maintenance contract is not only about reducing breakdowns and expensive repairs it is also largely about increasing the equipment’s ‘life span’ and safety. Regular care and maintenance, for example lubricating particular parts, can reduce wear and ensures the equipment will run in a good condition for as long as possible. Regular inspections will highlight the potential for a dangerous occurrence before it becomes an accident.


Through our fully qualified technicians, Jones Complete Services can provide everything you need to keep your lifting equipment running safely, reliably and in accordance with current regulations. To name only a few essential regulations:

  • Inspection and tagging of lifting equipment in accordance with Australian Standards (AS 4991).
  • Third party inspections in accordance with Australian Standards (AS 2550).
  • Quarterly and annual inspections as required by Australian Standards (AS 2550).
  • Full 10 and 25-year re-certification inspections for compliance with Australian Standards (AS 2550).

We’ll provide a risk assessment and recommendations for all types of lifting equipment to notify you of potential problems and defects before they cause a malfunction, saving you time and money.

Compliance Inspections are designed not only to satisfy regulatory requirements established by governmental authorities but are also vital to the safe and economical operation of your lifting equipment, and are both industry best practise and required both by law in most countries.

We will ensure that your worksite is up to code, and performing safely and at peak efficiency. We can also organise a maintenance schedule that works for you to ensure your compliance stays up-to-date.

At Jones Complete Services, we have a deeply rooted safety-culture that is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. To ensure that your Overhead Crane is compliant and documentation is up to date please call us today on 0424 397 766 or via the contact form.

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