Industrial Maintenance

Jones Complete Services deploy a logical approach to maintenance for our customers to enhance equipment reliability, reduce costs, increase safety, comply with regulations, prolong equipment lifespan, and maintain optimal equipment performance.

JCS specialise in compliance and regulatory inspections across our maintenance divisions;

• Mechanical Maintenance
• Electrical Maintenance
• Over Head Crane Maintenance

Our team knows that an investment in preventative maintenance practices can minimise downtime, improve efficiency, and protect your bottom line. We also offer production and breakdown coverage services.

Our maintenance teams ensure:

• Equipment Reliability: We conduct regular inspections on critical assets, servicing, upkeep, and audits to identify and address issues before major breakdowns or failures occur.

• Cost Reduction: Some of our capabilities involve routine maintenance audits, new lubrication systems, provide gearbox and motor alignments, and industrial cleaning. These tasks are designed to improve equipment efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and optimise overall performance to prevent major breakdowns which can be costly.

• Safety Enhancement: Our teams are trained in compliance to identify potential safety hazards, such as equipment wear, leaks, or faulty components in the working environment. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent accidents, injuries, and environmental incidents and enables our commitment to “Zero Harm” in the workplace.

• Optimal Performance: By addressing issues like misalignment, vibration, or component degradation, heavy industries can maintain optimal efficiency and productivity. Well-maintained machinery tends to deliver consistent results, produce higher-quality output, and reduce waste. Our teams have extensive knowledge to help with any of these issues.

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Our mechanical maintenance and project teams typically maintain heavy industrial equipment such as overhead cranes, assistance with crane installations, conveyor systems, machine installations, maintenance and overhaul of pumps/compressors/turbines to troubleshoot mechanical issues, efficiently diagnose problems, and carry out necessary repairs.

We have an expertise in mechanical engineering principles, such as understanding of mechanical systems, mechanisms, hydraulics, pneumatics, and thermodynamics.

JCS can also offer fabrication and installation of structural steel assembly and components on small to large scale heavy industrial projects, pipe and tube fabrication, installation, and pressure welding, to general fabrication.

Our maintenance divisions can lean on our fabrication and machine shop for breakdowns and modifications as well as to design and fabricate new equipment.


Our electrical maintenance division deals with electrical systems, components, and devices, including motors, generators, transformers, circuit breakers, control panels, and wiring.

We have an expertise in electrical engineering concepts, including electrical circuits, wiring diagrams, electrical measurements, and knowledge of electrical codes and safety standards.

Some of the electrical services we provide (but not limited to):
• Maintenance inspections and repairs to all heavy industries
• 24-hour breakdown service
• Projects and new installation
• LED light upgrades
• Testing and tagging
• RCD and emergency lighting compliance, inspection and testing.
• Motor and brake overhauls
• Conveyor inspection and repairs

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Breakdown Coverage

JCS see breakdown coverage as an opportunity to analyse the underlying causes of the breakdowns to reduce the likelihood of future breakdowns for our customers.

We use a time-tested approach consisting of:

• Initial assessment: understanding the nature and extent of the problem, and determining the potential impact on operations and safety.

• Reporting and communication: Effective communication channels are established to inform key stakeholders about the situation and coordinate the necessary actions.

• Safety measures: This may include isolating the equipment, securing the area, and implementing necessary safety precautions.

• Troubleshooting: Trained technicians investigate the cause of the breakdown. This may involve using specialised tools and equipment.

• Repair or replacement: This could involve repairing faulty parts, replacing damaged components, or conducting repairs on-site or in our workshop depending on the severity of the issue.

• Procurement and logistics: If replacement parts or equipment are needed, breakdown coverage may involve procuring the necessary items. This could involve contacting suppliers, placing orders, managing logistics, and ensuring timely delivery.

• Maintenance and testing: After the repairs or replacement, the equipment is tested to ensure it is functioning correctly.

• Documentation and reporting: Throughout the breakdown coverage process, proper documentation is maintained. These records help in analysing trends, identifying recurring issues, and improving maintenance practices.

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We’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs.

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