Overhead cranes are integral to many businesses throughout Australia. Used in industries like construction, mining, and more, the overhead crane is common on building sites, assembly points, warehouses, and many other places. However, the exact uses and strengths of the overhead crane are unknown to people that are either not in these industries, or just starting out in their respective careers.

At Jones Complete Services, you can trust our knowledge on Overhead Cranes. We work with overhead cranes daily, and provide services to companies across the Illawarra region. In fact, we understand first-hand how important an overhead crane or hoist is to your production, which is why we only hire experts to maintain and repair your overhead crane as fast as possible.

This blog will be about everything you need to know about overhead cranes. So, whether you’re just starting out in the industry or want more knowledge about overhead cranes in general, you can get it here.

What Is An Overhead Crane?

What Is An Overhead Crane?

An overhead crane is a type of heavy-duty machinery. It is designed to move heavy loads and equipment from one place to another in a safe, controlled, and precise way.

Overhead cranes come in a variety of different specifications. This includes:

  • Size
  • Type
  • Configuration
  • Components
  • Accessories
  • Shape

What is also technically special about cranes is the fact that they have precision configuration and design to specifically fit a form of loading application.

Overhead cranes are designed to be both efficient and safe for the workers both on the machine and the ones on site below. They are definitely faster than any type of land machine, meaning that work sites can operate much quicker than without one on site. Plus, they are typically much safer than on-ground machinery, particularly when dealing with dangerous or hazardous materials. This is because they can transfer above the work site, rather than on the site itself.

What Types of Overhead Cranes Are There?

What Types of Overhead Cranes Are There?

There are many different types of cranes available for use. These include:

  • Gantry Crane
  • Bridge Crane
  • Monorail Crane
  • Top and Bottom Running Crane
  • Jib Crane
  • Underhung Overhead Crane
  • Automated Crane.

Each crane has its own unique properties, and different cranes will be used for different jobs in varying industries.

What Do Overhead Cranes Do?

Overhead cranes work by moving bulky, heavy, or hazardous materials above ground. They can lift, lower, and move materials, with the speed of movement being controlled by a trained, licensed and ticketed operator. There are specific parts of an overhead crane that are typical of these machine types, which include:

  • Lifting Trolley. The lifting trolley is used to control the heavy load on the crane. It contains a lifting mechanism. This mechanism has a brake, drum, pulley set, motor, and reducer. These elements all work together to either lift or lower the heavy load.
  • Bridge. The bridge is used to control the movement of the load. It is designed to carry the load to be able to move longitudinally along the tracks, so transporting it from A to B.
  • Power Supply. The majority of cranes rely on electricity for their power supply, and within each crane, there are different systems and connections used. The three most common types are a conductor bar, cable reels, and a festoon system.

What Industries Use Cranes?

What Industries Use Cranes?

Certain industries rely on overhead cranes more than others. Some of the most common types of industries that use cranes are:

  • Steel. The steel industry primarily uses overhead cranes for efficiency and safety purposes.
  • Automotive. This industry mostly uses cranes for both time saving and convenience, as cranes are able to lift heavy, bulky car parts above the ground and transport them seamlessly.
  • Shipbuilding. Shipbuilding requires heavy bulky items, which is where overhead cranes are particularly useful.
  • Mining. Overhead cranes are used in the mining industry to repair and service underground mining equipment. There’s high demand for the right type of crane that can meet the mining industry’s requirements.

Overhead cranes are a particularly useful type of machinery, particularly if used in an industry that deals with heavy, bulky, and often dangerous materials. The ability to lift and move equipment overhead, rather than relying on ground transportation, means that both time and money are saved in day to day operations. Overhead cranes are a vital part of many industries, so the right care and maintenance must be provided for them as part of daily maintenance.

Jones Complete Services provides crane repair and maintenance services across the Illawarra region. Please get in touch if you need repair, maintenance, or compliance work with your fleet of overhead cranes.