Labour Hire agencies provide workers to fill positions in companies or organizations. This can be an economical option for companies that require short-term staffing needs, such as peak periods, special projects and seasonal work. Labour hire also allows employers to quickly adjust staffing levels without the need to incur long-term commitments and associated costs.

Labour hire services in Australia most often provide Temporary support, where workers are hired on contract terms for specific periods of time.

Labour Hire is popular with many employers because it provides extensive flexibility and cost savings. Labour Hire has gained popularity over the past few years with some agencies offering online services which provide a quick and easy way for employers to find workers for their needs.

Well-trained Resources

Agencies may specialise in specific tradespeople such as electricians, riggers, mechanics and boilermakers. Labour Hire companies may also supply other types of staff like cleaners and quality control personnel. A labour-hire agent may also provide general labourers able to offer assistance with various types of work at the client’s location that does not require any specialised knowledge or skills.

When hiring tradespeople with specific skills from Labour Hire companies, you can expect well trained and qualified staff with experience in a variety of industries and specialities. Labour Hire is flexible and agencies will provide clients with different packages to suit their needs, whether it be for a day, a week or even longer.

Labour hire can be beneficial in terms of risk management for a major project, too, as agencies will only contract staff who have been assessed, provided with relevant training and checked to ensure they are qualified, experienced and competent in their specific trade.

Labour hire is a great way of getting the temporary support you need for your business whether it be for a few days or a few months. Staff are fully trained and qualified which means you are guaranteed quality resources.

Safety First!

Labour hire organisations must ensure their workers are appropriately trained in health and safety procedures that are specific to the industries they are working in at the time.

It is important for agencies to have comprehensive training programs covering all areas of health and safety for their employees, such as working at heights, confined spaces, hazardous substances, manual handling and First Aid.

Labour hire staff need to understand the processes, skills and protocols their industry has in place for working at heights, for instance, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing they can follow them safely when required.

Your Labour Hire company is responsible for ensuring all employees meet and understand construction site safety standards, therefore it’s important you choose an agency with a strong track record of providing employees who are competent and fit for your worksite.

The benefits for your business

When planning major projects, you are able to rely on a professional labour-hire company to provide skilled, competent resources when you need them, for as long as you need them.

Utilising labour-hire services is typically much more cost-effective than hiring in-house staff. A regular payment ensures you have a well-trained and experienced team available exactly when needed. You don’t have to employ and train your own resources and you don’t have to worry about experience gaps caused by staff illness or holidays.

Labour Hire provides opportunities for employers to quickly access new skills. Such agencies offer the flexibility of staffing on a project or on-demand basis, which can be beneficial in uncertain market conditions. This ability to ramp up staff on demand can be an economical option for companies requiring short-term staffing needs, such as peak periods, special projects and seasonal work.

Labour Hire agencies may have a log of staff available so they may be able to provide resources within a short time of you requesting their services.

Your agency should be flexible in terms of Labour Hire requirements too, which means they are able to provide you with resources for one-off projects or on a continuous basis for as long as required.

Benefits for the employees too!

Labour hire can be beneficial for the employees as well, providing benefits such as increased employment opportunities, greater flexibility in hours worked, and more on-the-job experience.

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