There are many reasons why you might choose to use labour hire instead of hiring full-time, casual, or contractor employees.

Considering everything, people save money with labour hire compared to hiring full-time, casual or contractor employees.

Here are some of the ways that labour hire can save you money.

5 Benefits of Using a Labour Hire Company

Labour Hire

Cost Reduction

There are many benefits to using a labour hire company, one of which is the potential for significant cost savings. When you outsource your workforce to a third party, you can reduce expenses like advertising, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation or insurance.

For example, by hiring through a labour hire agency, you can:

  • avoid spending extra money on ads to find employees, reducing your recruiting costs;
  • avoid paying premiums for workers’ compensation or unemployment insurance that your full-time staff normally enjoy.

Additionally, since companies that offer outsourced staffing usually manage their employment-related regulatory requirements and liabilities, this can save you from having to take on those responsibilities yourself.

There are many different ways in which outsourcing your workforce through a labour hire company can help boost your bottom line by reducing labour costs. Whether you’re looking for temporary staff for a specific project, need more hands on deck during busier times of the year, or need an entire workforce, labour hire is an effective way to cut costs without sacrificing quality or productivity.

Save Time

There are many benefits to using a labour hire company, and one of the most valuable is the time that it can save you.

These agencies take care of the screening process, the hiring process, and the recruitment process for you and will also match candidates to your requirements.

It ensures that you don’t waste any time sifting through applications from all sorts of unsuitable candidates who may not have the skills and expertise you need.

Furthermore, labour hire companies often have a large pool of pre-screened candidates and labour hire workers at their disposal. It means that if you need someone right away, they will be able to source someone quickly so that you don’t miss out on critical opportunities or projects.

At the end of the day, whether you’re short-handed or there’s too much work for your existing staff to handle, using a labour hire company is an efficient way to get more done in less time.


When hiring labour workers, many businesses choose to use a labour hire company. These companies offer several important benefits to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively.

One of the biggest advantages of using a labour hire company is flexibility. Agencies specialising in labour hire can tailor solutions specific to each client’s needs for short-term projects or engagements.

For example, if you don’t currently have any permanent opportunities available but need additional support on an ongoing basis, labour hire can be a great solution. And even if you eventually have permanent job openings, having access to fully trained, inducted and experienced candidates through a labour hire firm gives you more options when filling those positions.

Another key benefit of using a labour hire agency is the level of flexibility that they offer in terms of staffing requirements. Since these agencies typically deal with short-term needs and varying amounts of work weekly, they are often better suited than other types of employment arrangements for ad hoc or unpredictable requirements.

For example, a labour hire arrangement may be ideal for your situation to get the labour hire employee you need if :

  • your business experiences seasonal fluctuations or;
  • if you cannot anticipate your exact staffing needs in advance due to rapid growth or sudden changes in priorities.

Local Industry Knowledge

When finding and hiring new employees, many businesses turn to a labour hire company. These companies offer access to a wide range of talented individuals with the skills and experience your business needs and provide crucial local industry knowledge.

Through their internal and external teams and longstanding relationships with local businesses, a labour hire company can give you insights into the region, the industries in which you operate, and any challenges facing your potential candidates.

Whether you’re looking for someone with specific technical or language skills or want to learn more about the local employment landscape, a labour hire company can be an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes.

Ongoing Support

Hiring construction workers for a construction site or qualified candidates for other business operations can be difficult to ensure that everything is handled professionally and safely.

Not only do you need to worry about ensuring that your employees have the skills and qualifications needed for their roles, but you also need to provide a safe and healthy work environment. A labour hire company can help with all of these things.

Through comprehensive safety assessments, regular support from employer/employee relationship management, and ongoing contact with the worker supply company, labour hire provides an extra layer of safety and security that businesses need to thrive.

Whether you are dealing with issues related to working performance or want some help managing the worker/employer relationship more effectively, a labour hire agency gives you access to experienced professionals who can keep your operations running smoothly.

This added support makes using a labour hire agency one of the most effective ways to utilise outside workers without sacrificing the quality of your business operations.


Overall, there are many benefits of using labour hire instead of hiring full-time, casual, or contractor employees. Labour hire can save you money in various ways while providing access to local industry knowledge and ongoing support.

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